Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chip's Nation
This one not only touched me, I was slapped by it. I was reminded that my life is ultra lovely. I have no problems. My life is one of privilege. I have no issues. But, Chip and others around the world have the toughest time.

Facing freaking what! I can walk. I can talk. I can see. I can hear. I am comparison to the despair so many endure. Despair like this,

Chip's Nation, Chip's worthy of OUR respect. Our money. Our tears! Our time to watch!

Touch Chip:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Righting Valentine's Day

'Right' is a whole lot better than this new phenomenon: living in the abstract - living on the fence - living in the subjective - living outside of self while regulating self to a vulnerable state - living while simultaneously presenting self as an insecure object ready to be used - living as if life exist to take people for granted or to be taken for granted.

We have to re-apply Right to the universe - not only on the day nationally identified for Lovers - but each and every day that we live in self and an outside of self…The mask that we wear! Makes you wonder who you are sleeping with?

If not, it -life and love- will be devoured by a reckless liberalized agenda that supports a 'do as you please mindset'.

We see the trinkets of this substandard living in marriage and other forms of commitment. Approved infidelity i.e. indirect swinger acceptance for the man. Communication avoidance i.e. break up emails and text messages. And, the conveniently played emotional abuse: Silence - are only a few vices of relationship.

Right is loud! Bold! Highlighted! Ultimately and rightfully, Right is a relic blissfulness waiting to be incorporated by the modern generations.

Right to me in many ways is reflective of a good down-home tradition - eating together as a Fam. Taking a Sunday drive w/ the Fam or with your valentine.

Being chivalrous for no reason, and not opening the car door to receive sex vouchers e.g.
The old-time tradition was Right. It was moral, decent, simple - it was worthy of a rose.

If I were to receive a rose today from a valentine, know that the giver represents my wants and desires. And, when I happen to not fall in but embrace love for the second time my sweet valentine will want:


Just like me...

Enjoy this day, and all the others.